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"Our concern with consistency, compliance, and quality have been put to rest since we turned to Wrangle for our 5500 service needs.

When I hear our staff mention how much time and stress is being saved, I know our productivity and morale is being positively impacted by Wrangle."

– JM
National Health & Welfare Practice Leader


Eliminate ERISA Reporting Nightmares with Wrangle

Do you find the ERISA reporting process to be last minute, challenging, disorganized, confusing, burdensome, non-productive, inconsistent, worrisome, unprofessional, a conflict of interest, or expensive? Has eFiling been a problem for you?

The Wrangle proprietary service platform ensures process efficiency through:

  • a sophisticated data and due-date tracking system
  • data collection management
  • accurately and timely completion of all Forms
  • detailed eFiling assistance and options

All across the United States Wrangle is assisting employee benefit brokers, consultants, and plan sponsors in eliminating the risk, burden, and worry of the Health & Welfare Form 5500 process.

Engage the Wrangle Experts

Wrangle offers employee benefit experts who have over 55 years of combined experience and industry knowledge.  Wrangle has a full staff of 5500 experts

These are the people who will be preparing the Form 5500s.  They have already prepared over 40,000 Form 5500's at all levels of complexity.

Get the Information

Before you entrust someone with your important and sensitive Health & Welfare plan information, you want to know who they are and that they are able to meet your needs.

Check out our services to learn what we can do for you. Let us show you our value to your business, and tell you who we are, too.  Finally, review the Form 5500 requirements and select ERISA information.